Improving the Overall Appearance with Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery involves different methods and techniques in moving and manipulating body tissue in improving the overall appearance. It is important to know though that before having any plastic surgery, it is essential to consult a plastic surgeon first. All details on what will happen should be explained before, during and also after surgery. In some cases, psychological assessment is also administered.

Skin Grafting

Improving the overall appearance of the skin with skin grafting is probably one of the most common treatment today. It is a procedure which gets healthy skin from unaffected areas and use it to cover damaged or lost skin. Skin grafting can also be used on bone fractures which break the body’s skin, surgical removal, large wounds, burns, cleft lip, and also palates.

Flap Surgery Procedures

In Flap surgery procedures, a living tissue piece is transferred to another area in the body, with its blood vessels to keep it alive. It is used for many reasons which includes breast reconstruction, large wounds, open fractures, and palates and cleft lip improvement. The transferred skin remains attached partially that creates a 'flap'. This flap will be repositioned and stitched on the damaged area.

Tissue Expanding

Tissue expansion procedures enable growth of extra skin, this is achieved by surrounding tissue stretching. The extra skin will then be used in reconstructing nearby areas. An example is tissue expansion used in breast reconstruction procedures. It involves balloon-like device insertion under and near the area that needs repair. It is gradually salt water filled which causes the skin to eventually stretch and also grow over time.

Cosmetic vs. Plastic Surgery

The difference between the two is in the specialization within their own field. Cosmetic surgery specializes in improving the overall appearance of patients, focusing on aesthetic surgery like facelifts and breast augmentations. Plastic surgeons meanwhile, focus on reconstructive surgeries like hand surgeries, cleft palate repairs, and breast reconstructions.

Licensed Surgeons

Individuals who plan to undergo such procedures should always research thoroughly. It is essential to know detailed information on certifications and licenses such surgeons have before fully committing to one. Whether it is for health issues or simply improving the overall appearance, consulting licensed cosmetic and plastic surgeons are a must.

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